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Client: ‘Toplofikatsiya Sofia’ EAD

Contracting Authority: ‘Toplofikatsiya Sofia’ EAD

Contractor: ‘DietsmannEnergoremont’ JSC


Replacement of sections of heat-transmission network of ‘Toplofikatsiya Sofia’ EAD

The activities under the contract include:

The performance of the contract includes the execution of 6 sites on the territory of Sofia, grouped in 2 lots, which are financed fully by and/or with participation of ‘Toplofikacia Sofia’ EAD and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Total length of replacemed routes was 3,964 m (7,928 m of pipes) with diameters ranging from Ø 48 to Ø 711 mm.

The contract includes the performance of the following activities:

  • Temporary organisation of the traffic;
  • Excavation and dismantling works;
  • Installation of pre-insulated pipes and fittings;
  • Delivery and installation of steal pipes and fittings;
  • Backfill, restoration of green areas, road and sidewalk pavements;
  • Repair and restoration works in district heating system chambers and substations;
  • Tests and commissioning.


Start:   May 2017

End:    November 2017