DietsmannEnergoremont has its own representative offices in the Czech Republic, the Re-public of Macedonia, the Republic of Greece, and the Republic of Lebanon.

  • The subject of activity of the new company includes overhauls of electric power plants, start-up and operative tests, design and construction and research activities, automation and reconstruc-tion of power equipment.

    By establishment of CPRA the basis of the centralized repair services in the energy power sys-tem of Bulgaria was laid.
    The repair regions were established within the CPRA: “Energoremont – Galabovo”, “Ener-goremont” – Varna” and “Energoremont – Sofia”.

    The company completed the first large reconstruction in Thermal Power Plant “Maritsa 3” that included new combustion systems for three boilers and replacement of ball mills with fan mills.

  • Its activity is executed into three directions: service and repairs, reconstructions and moderniza-tion of power generation plants in the power sector and industry, repairs of power equipment in Repair Facilities in industrial way, production of spare parts and non-standard equipment. For a period of 20 years in the structure of DSO “Energoremont” regional centres in Galabovo, Varna, Sofia, Bobov Dol, Ruse and Kresna were established and developed, as well as “Atomener-goremont” – Kozloduy and “Central Energy Repair Base” – Sofia. Repair centres were estab-lished in the vicinity of large power sites – Thermal Power Plant “Varna”, Thermal Power Plant “Ruse”, Thermal Power Plant “Bobov Dol”, Nuclear Power Plant “Kozloduy”.

  • This reconstruction allowed the effective and reliable work of the Power Plant for a period of 35 years. The design for modernization was developed by “Techenergo” and completed by “Ener-goremont – Galabovo”. The Power Plant changed from a technology for preliminary drying of the lignite coal to the technology with direct incineration without a drying plant. Electrical filters, fume fans, fume ducts and all auxiliary equipment of 8 power boilers were dismantled. In the production facilities of the company 40 thousand tons of metal structures and spare parts were produced.

  • The activity of the repair facilities was directed to producing of spare parts and non-standard equipment.

  • The repair facilities became Shareholders Enterprises according to the conditions of the market economy.

    “DietsmannEnergoremont” kept its structure. Its branches, as Shareholders Companies, successfully adapted to work in surroundings of competitiveness possessing optimally developed repairs facilities, adopted technologies and experts that well know the condition of the power plants.

  • In 2004 a restructuring of the enterprises within the group was carried out. The Holding sold its participation in “Energoremont Plovdiv”, “Energoremont “Kresna”, “Energoremont Galabovo” and CERB. “Energoremont Radnevo” and “Energoremont Kozloduy” have been created from scratch.
  • In 2013 DietsmannEnergoremont declared a new development strategy.

    It provides extension of the market positions in the countries of the EC, South-East Europe, Near East and Russia and retaining of the traditional positions at the Bulgarian market.